Did you know the Gantt diagrams have been around for more than a hundred years? Most likely you didn’t know this. Project Administration has been evolving and improving for more time than you imagine.

Want to know why project administration is important? Let start with the different processes that intervene in the administration of a project and why it’s important to know them, who will teach you the best practices and how can you take advantage of this?

Learn why ProyMx is your alley when it comes to project administration based on the PMI methodology; a technology ally that will help you: know, use, implement and that will train you in desktop software and project administration. Please take in account the advantages of letting ProyMx be your strategic commercial partner

Project Online and SharePoint complement each other perfectly to help you manage your project portfolio. With Project Online you can follow-up the timing, tasks and assignments; in the mean time with SharePoint you can create a project site to upload documents such as: the Project Charter, risk documents, formats and deliverables. Designed to be reliable where you need it thanks to access control per user, administrators, read-only access and special permits.

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